Shape-shifting, time-warping, death-drive through life in exile. A work-in-progress series of prints, installation and performance meditating on notions of home, death and psychic transformation.

WIP, 2020

Till Kindom Come
In a time of commodofication of self, our experience of sex, sexuality, and love have, of necessity hardened into weary transactions. Out of a history of loss and disorientation comes Till Kindom Come: an urgent argument for a new vocabulary of sexuality and kinship.
Berlin, 2019

Till Kindom Come
Solo Show
Exhition of works spanning between 2017-2019. Exploring erotica as coping mechanism, as a way to transcend gendered normativity and expand agency.

/ Poet & Prophetess: Kingdom Return
/ Femme New World
Berlin, 2019

Femme New Worl: Part 1
Till Kindom Come / Panel Facilitation
An inter-disciplinary open series of talks curated by Opashona Ghosh exploring migrating femme landscapes centering QTBIPOC voices and experiences.
Berlin, 2019

Poet & Prophetess: Kingdom Return
Till Kindom Come / Spoken Word Event Facilitation
Evening of written and spoken word that promotes the marginalised and unheard. In collaboration with artist, curator and writer Candice Nembhard.
Berlin, 2019

Kolkata, London & Berlin